About Blogging

About blogging, well I started blogging many moons ago. We first heard the term blog when a young friend and his wife moved to Colorado.

Their life is so exciting between skiing and university activities. Blogging was the best thing since sliced bread.

Family and friends now having an idea of the kind of life they live in Boulder.

Little did we know that blogging was going to escalate into what it has now become. Business, pleasure you name it, and blogging can be done by anyone.

Be Yourself

All you have to do is be yourself which is the best part. After all, is that not what it was designed for! But it’s quite difficult to just be yourself and write naturally, or is it.

Actually it is a bit easier than you think, and once you get the hang of writing you forget your shyness. So, if you hang in there with me, I’ll show you what I’ve learned and from whom, good people I promise.

I aspire to being an entrepreneur, and succeeding in my affiliate marketing business. Freedom to travel and smell the roses. Teaching my daughters that they can have the same, while spending more time with their families.

I can’t claim to be an expert but I can give you a list of all the wonderful people who appear to write effortlessly. And if there’s one thing I have learned from most of them is that’s better to write from your own heart than to copy anyone else.

When you do that it becomes more natural I find because you’re not researching all the time for something to write about. You also never have to worry about copyright.

However, you can folKay Collier, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Authorlow me here if you like. DMCA.com Protection Status