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Oldie Newbie
Oldie Newbie

That’s what I am, an oldie newbie, how so, you might ask. Well, you see I’ve only been blogging and writing articles for 10 years. During that time everything changed so much that when I finally came to grips with things, I had to relearn them all again.

Frustrating to say the least, and many times I really wanted to give up, but something kept me at it. And I’m glad I did. I suppose I didn’t relish being a failure for my own sake more than anyone else’s. Many of you probably work alone like I do, so there’s no one to ask for help or advice.

Shiny Object Syndrome

To be sure, there are plenty of experts on the net only too willing to offer their help for a hefty price.  I have probably bought too many of them and learned precious little. That’s one thing I have certainly grasped as an oldie newbie. Have to put a stop to the “shiny object syndrome” once and for all.

It’s hard though, when people you know and trust encourage you to buy this product or that. So you believe it will solve some of your problems making your work that bit easier. They mean well and they have a business to run. My problem is a double-edged sword one in that I want to run a successful affiliate marketing business. What I don’t want to do is pester people to buy from me at every hands turn.

Pitching Products

I unsubscribe from people’s lists when it happens to me, so I know how it feels. I don’t like it at all. How to find a happy medium, that’s the question. I have no wish to send 3-4 emails daily pitching products. There has to be a better way and I intend to learn how.

I have come this far and despite what I’ve said previously, something has to have sunk in. I know I’ll find my way. I’ll do this marketing thing honestly and with integrity. That has been my long term aim and goal.

Honest Successful Marketers

I do know a number of very decent people who are affiliate marketers, not personally of course. All are extremely successful in this field. I admire them very much so and try to adhere to their standards. So you could say I have learned something valuable.

So who are these people and where are they? All in plain site and in fact I’m going to make a list of them for you. I was pointed in the direction of where and how to set up a platform for my blog. How to find and choose a domain name and then a hosting company.

I’ll also give you a list of resources to start your blog and lead you hopefully to take directions from some of these very good people. I’ll leave you with this bit of advice, it’s good, keep on moving forward and if you get discouraged just tell yourself you can do it. After all millions are.

Kay Collier, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author